Red Paul Blogging Away……….

You may want to know who is Red Paul ?

Well let me just tell you red Paul is a fictional character within my story line today. Red Paul is what is known as a half mouse half red wolf, put it together and we have a mo-wolf. He has two feet and four toes, along with a long tail where his lower body is red and this upper body is dark. He has two hands and eight fingers. Oh yeah how can I forget he has two mouse ears on top with a huge smile and big nice eyes with a button like nose.

Red Paul is very cool especially with his cool moves he is able to jump up in the air and land perfectly on his feet, it’s like he is a super mo-wolf. He is so sweet, loving and caring and just like any superhero Red Paul helps people without the magic powers attach. As you can see in these images where he jumped up to save a young lady hang bag and landed safely, with it. The people in strawberry lake loves him, for he is the awesome mo-wolf of their town.

On a regular day of Red Paul’s, life he would get up brush his teeth, take his morning showers, get dress and then eat a wonderful breakfast. His favorite of all time breakfast is pancakes, four pieces of bacon, with scramble eggs along with lots, and lots of syrup all over his eggs, and pancakes. Additionally he enjoys his breakfast with fruits on the side and a nice tall glass of rainbow milk. Red Paul quote of the day is “you can never start your day without a great breakfast”, it is the most important meal of one’s day for sure. 

After eating his breakfast Red Paul, then starts his day off by walking around his town to see where he can give his helping hands to anybody in need. He is very protective over the citizens of strawberry lake without a doubt he is. He also can build things, help out with houses, cars and many crafts around those lines. Even though he is great at helping, Red Paul hobby, or “talent” is his ability to do cool stuff on his computer. The way how he can bring animation to life off the internet, how he can tell a story digitally from the internet. How he can take a picture off the internet or of someone and just bring it to life from Photoshop off his computer. It’s like his craft can tell a story without having to actually write the words. He introduced the town to GIFs and Memes and the cool ways to play around with them on the computer and make it your own. The amount of creativity that Red Paul can bring forth from the internet or the computer is so awesome his computer talent is one that this town has never seen before.

Red Paul might be a fictional character but his talents and the loving and caring person that he is, surly allows the people of strawberry lake to look forward to what he can do next. Each day he fills the citizens of this town hearts more and more. Why he had to be made up just why did he ? The world may never know……………..

I just took you on a story trip about my fictional character Red Paul, now take me on a trip through yours !

Fake People !

You know what really makes me upset ? That will have to be fake people ! I’m really a nice person and I am very likable, but one thing that I know that I am for sure is a great friend. When I first got to college I realized that people change on you each day and you can not trust nobody because sometimes people aren’t who you think they are. It took last week for me to actually notice how fake people can actual be. One thing with me is that once you tell me something it will never leave my mouth and I will never tell your business, even if we have a falling out. But for some reason people do not understand the true meaning of a friend or how to keep a friend they are so use to being fake they just do not know how to be real. I shared a dark time of my life with someone who I thought was a close friend someone I thought I can trust, but I had to learn for myself that she isn’ real after all. For her too take my business and share it with someone else due to a falling out shows me how immature and fake she can be. I am on a different level from people I am mature and very real and one thing I will never be is fake. Therefore now I know that I have no friends and I want no friends, all friends brings you is drama, problems and a bunch of fake love. Where the older I get the more I want less and less people around me trying to come into my life and just create more stress upon my life. I am on a positive path into my career and success. and I will not let anyone come into my life with negativity and bring me down. I am fine by myself and I do not need anyone who isn’t really my friend or there for me. Therefore fake people can stay far away from me, only positivity over on these sides.

“Its May Guys”

Today I woke up feeling extra excited knowing that today is May 1st. Knowing that I have couple more weeks left of school and that my summer vacation is soon here just makes me so happy. This semester has been a lot for me, each day I had to really drag myself out of bed knowing that summer is soon here. The fall semester seem different because I really did not care or did it matter to me when it came to a end, but the spring semester is different because summer is the season of fun. Which makes it much more exciting, each day I check my phone hoping time will move faster and May 23 the last day of my finals will come already. I do not want to get too excited because then time will only slow down and we do not want that to happen. I am very happy today I really hope nothing messes with my mood. Come on May lets go June we are waiting for you, this is when my first trip begins……… I so can’t wait omg……………

What Makes Me Happy ?

What makes me happy ? Many things make me happy, such as my family. I am a family type of girl, I love spending time with my family and having good times with them. Baking cakes makes me happy. My boyfriend and his family makes me happy, spending time with them and getting to know them more and more each time makes me really happy. My little brother and mom makes me really happy, they know how to make me smile everyday. Eating food and trying new types of food makes me happy, because once my stomach is filled then I am all smiles. School makes me happy, knowing that I am in college and working on my career for my future makes me smile each day. It may be very stressful at times but it keeps me going knowing I am doing what is best for my future. Visiting my homeland makes me happy, I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and going back from time to time visiting my family and friends there makes me smile each time. My grandparents make me very happy, they live in Trinidad so I do not see them as much but when I do see them I get really happy. Doing my nails and hair makes me so happy I just love to get all pretty from time to time. Being a college student that is busy all the time I never really have time to get pretty but when I do get the chance I am all smiles. Many things makes me happy but those are the main things/people that make me happy.


Today within my CT 101 class we started the Zine project, which is an on going project that will be combined with another CUNY college. Where the entire class will contribute a version of Photoshop pictures and work with a piece of writing connected to the pictures for meaning, or what may be important to students in any such way. For my choice I chose two flowers, and I also took from a flower the inside and colored the outside black. Where as you can see I have a yellow inside of a black hole for the first layer, the second layer you see white petals with some darkness around it and for the last layers its green leafs with yellow petals all over. The first layer represents, a time in my life where I was a happy soul that is what the yellow inside stands for, but my surroundings and life at that time was just a dark cloud over me. For the second layer it represents the time in my life where as time went on I was trying to out grow the darkness and get away from any kind of negativity. The last layer is there to show that after it all I blossom into this beautiful yellow flower that I knew I was always meant to become in life. I do not show the whole flower within the last layer due to the fact that growth is still needed in my life. Where as I am still growing and becoming who I want to truly be in life, but as far as the dark cloud, it no longer has any control over my life anymore. This project really meant a lot to me because it made me feel great that I can use photos such as these to represent what I been through and who I am now just in three layers and a couple sentences. I have much more growth to bring forth but so far I am truly a yellow beautiful flower distant for greatness in life.

Propaganda !

When I think of World War II propaganda poster, my all time favorite will be this one down below. Why ? Because it is a woman on the poster of course. I got this from

I like this one because it is a woman on the poster, and it always interest me due to the fact in those times things were different. Where a female had to stay home, take care of the children, cook, clean and make sure the house is held up just perfect for when her husband comes home. In fact men were the ones to only go out and work and be the breadwinner for his entire family. In fact these issues changed during World War II, due to the fact that the government needed more bodies for the war. Where instead of men being the only ones going out to fight, the field also started to include women as well.

This is why I like this post so very much because this is a time period where things were finally starting to change for women. They were no longer consider house hold mates only, where they were now doing things that was before only consider a job that a man can do. In fact women then started to prove if a man can do it so can them. This is where the terms come in “We Can Do It” and in fact women can definitely do it, anything a man can do so can a woman do.

Four More Weeks To Go……..

As I write this post, the constant thought that this semester is coming down to it’s last four weeks mark. I was thinking about how the semester before I was told by students who has been here longer that the spring semester takes the longest to finish, but from my experience it is truly going by quickly. I honestly can not wait for it to be over. Why ? Because I have so much planned for this summer I am just getting more and more excited.

Even though I am overly excited for the semester to end, this semester has rather been interesting for me. I say this because, I came into college wanting to be a Psychology major, but after spending my first semester in a Psychology class, I kind of figured it was not for me after all. I then during this semester chose that I will become a CT major. After deciding that I have been rather happy. Due to the fact that my CT 101 professor has made this field very interesting for me. This makes me more excited to carry on within this field and see what else CT has to offer me further along the lines.

Overall I am having a nice week so far tomorrow is Wednesday which are my early days where I have a 9A.M class, but I like Wednesday’s because my weekend starts Wednesday’s after 2 lol. Hopefully next semester brings me the same days off where I can sleep in four days. Until next time my followers, and always remember, keep a bright smile on your face like the sun even on your worst days.

My Week Ugh…..

Hello, It’s me again the past two weeks has been so relaxing and enjoying that I just have to share wit you guys what has been going on so far. Last week I had spring break, even though the week went by so fast I still had a great time enjoying my bed. Yes that’s right I said it enjoying my bed. Sleeping in day after day was so great, waking up late not having to worry about missing class or anything in such matter was the best. Along with waking up late I also enjoyed hanging out with my loved ones. Where we went shopping for our trips which we will be taking during the summer. Still have more shopping to do but getting ahead of things is always great. In fact we ate great that whole week, we ate out mostly every day, just spending our money on foolishness mostly.

The part of my break which made me smile was that before the break I took the time out to do all my work and all the assignments which I had to get down ahead of time so I won’t have to worry about it during my break or the day before classes. The only thing which I had on my mind coming down to the last days of my break, was the fact that when I do return to school I had to focus on which classes I will be taking next semester. Which is a big deal to me because this is then the time I have to decide what my major will be.

Therefore so far I had a really great break, I can not wait for summer to have fun and sleep even more and enjoy it to the fullest because I know after summer it will be back to work and even harder classes than before. Now I am ready to crack down on these last few weeks of school and finish off my second semester great. As of now Tuesday April 10th 2018, I am happy to be alive and wake up this morning and happy I made it to school lol. Short week for me this week so smiles are still on my face. With all that being said until next time guys. Stay safe and god bless, enjoy the rest of your week. Also always remember keep a bright smile always on your face like the sun even on your worst days.

“Copyright issues”

The piece of copyright which I picked to talk about was the NFL and Twitter GIF’s.

This one was very weird to me, because people take GIF’s or make GIF’s of sports and sports players all the time. I go on face book, or snap chat and all these other social media even google and I have seen many copyright GIF’s and so forth. How come the NFL pushes this one to the suspension line of a whole entire account, when their are many other people on different sites doing the same ? I wonder if it is because these other people aren’t so popular or so forth like Deadspin and SBNation.

In fact I understand where these accounts went into fault. Due to the fact that when these accounts did share the GIF’s, they should have given credit to the owners such as NFL, or original owners in general. Whereas any time you do take a picture or a sentence or line or anything in any matter from someone credit to the rightful owner is very important. Due to the fact that without giving the owner credit, it’s like you are stealing their work and trying to make it your own when in reality you were not the first to bring it forth.

With all that being said, I do feel like NFL took it far by suspending these accounts, sending notice was fine but as far as suspending accounts are way to far. Due to the fact that I seen many people from many different social accounts doing the same to not only the NFL but many other companies, brands, teams, site owners and such forth. Which these people do copyrighting daily without their accounts being taken down. Suspension was kind of a drag to me, but on behalf of the NFL and any other company or brand or owner of any original work, picture or so forth copyrighting without giving credit to the owner of one’s work is totally wrong.

Therefore moving forward when ever you take something from anywhere where is the internet or social media of any kind, you must and need to always give credit to the rightful owner at all times not matter what.

So Far What?

So far this week I have been fixing up my website and trying to make it look like howI want it to look. This way when I come onto my website I can see what I want to see and what I want you guys to see as well. This way you guys can keep up with me as well as time goes on. I still want to do more to the main page but so far I am liking what I am seeing.

I also want to share that I am happy I made it to class today because so far this week has been very hard for me. This week made me honestly see how short life really is. This is why I woke up Thank God for life and made my way to class. I am blessed to be alive and blessed to be here today.

Next week is spring break and the rest is very much needed. This semester is almost over and let these last few week be the best ever. Due to the fact that this 2 month vacation is very much needed as well.

Therefore with all that being said, lets hope the rest of this week go by more smoothly.