My First Site Ever !!!!! “My Site”

The tutorial that I liked which actual helped me was the tutorial which professor Ryan had shared with us. This tutorial really helped, WATCH THIS !

This one was a little long but it was helpful as well. WATCH THIS #2

Questions about my new website ? I’m more of a free person where I like to explore things on my own and learn as I go on. Therefore the only question I may have is can I freely post ? Actual this question was already answered in my CT101 class where my professor already told us that this is our site and we can post as freely as we may please about anything. Wait, when I say anything I don’t mean any and anything, it must be respectful and appropriate enough for everyone. Even so this is our go to place where we are free to keep the world/classmates update wit your daily life. If I had any questions, I will look it up, ask my professor or I can always go to YouTube. YouTube is like another google where you can always find the answer for anything you are looking for and the best part about it is that the videos show you visually everything that you need to know.

In addition I am excited once again to have my own site where I am free to express me and allow everybody to be apart of that. I can’t wait to see how my blogging increases by the end of the year and this semester.


My First Website Yay !!!

I can’t believe that I created my first website. I am so proud yet so excited, I can post anything and allow the world to join this ride with me as well. This is so exciting I honestly can’t stop smiling. CT 101 is so awesome ! Got me feeling myself and being creative. This website is going to be fun guys trust me, just keep up with me weekly.