“Copyright issues”

The piece of copyright which I picked to talk about was the NFL and Twitter GIF’s.

This one was very weird to me, because people take GIF’s or make GIF’s of sports and sports players all the time. I go on face book, or snap chat and all these other social media even google and I have seen many copyright GIF’s and so forth. How come the NFL pushes this one to the suspension line of a whole entire account, when their are many other people on different sites doing the same ? I wonder if it is because these other people aren’t so popular or so forth like Deadspin and SBNation.

In fact I understand where these accounts went into fault. Due to the fact that when these accounts did share the GIF’s, they should have given credit to the owners such as NFL, or original owners in general. Whereas any time you do take a picture or a sentence or line or anything in any matter from someone credit to the rightful owner is very important. Due to the fact that without giving the owner credit, it’s like you are stealing their work and trying to make it your own when in reality you were not the first to bring it forth.

With all that being said, I do feel like NFL took it far by suspending these accounts, sending notice was fine but as far as suspending accounts are way to far. Due to the fact that I seen many people from many different social accounts doing the same to not only the NFL but many other companies, brands, teams, site owners and such forth. Which these people do copyrighting daily without their accounts being taken down. Suspension was kind of a drag to me, but on behalf of the NFL and any other company or brand or owner of any original work, picture or so forth copyrighting without giving credit to the owner of one’s work is totally wrong.

Therefore moving forward when ever you take something from anywhere where is the internet or social media of any kind, you must and need to always give credit to the rightful owner at all times not matter what.

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