Fake People !

You know what really makes me upset ? That will have to be fake people ! I’m really a nice person and I am very likable, but one thing that I know that I am for sure is a great friend. When I first got to college I realized that people change on you each day and you can not trust nobody because sometimes people aren’t who you think they are. It took last week for me to actually notice how fake people can actual be. One thing with me is that once you tell me something it will never leave my mouth and I will never tell your business, even if we have a falling out. But for some reason people do not understand the true meaning of a friend or how to keep a friend they are so use to being fake they just do not know how to be real. I shared a dark time of my life with someone who I thought was a close friend someone I thought I can trust, but I had to learn for myself that she isn’ real after all. For her too take my business and share it with someone else due to a falling out shows me how immature and fake she can be. I am on a different level from people I am mature and very real and one thing I will never be is fake. Therefore now I know that I have no friends and I want no friends, all friends brings you is drama, problems and a bunch of fake love. Where the older I get the more I want less and less people around me trying to come into my life and just create more stress upon my life. I am on a positive path into my career and success. and I will not let anyone come into my life with negativity and bring me down. I am fine by myself and I do not need anyone who isn’t really my friend or there for me. Therefore fake people can stay far away from me, only positivity over on these sides.

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