Final Blog Post For CT 101 !!!!!!

As this semester comes to an end and I look back on this class it makes me really proud of myself. Not only was this class fun and a great learning experience, I loved the fact that i was able to express my thoughts, personally feelings and many other life problems or excitements within my blogs.

This takes me back to the very first assignment we had to do within the class which was create our own personal GIF, and the ons I created was a job well done for a first timer I will say.

These were the first four GIF that I ever had created in my CT 101 class. Let me tell you the process was not easy at all let me say that. But the outcome was stress free knowing that I tried my best and completed to the best that I could of.

After this we been had to create our own memes, which was not as hard as creating GIF but it was also a very fun assignment. Which I had loved doing along the process, I created a couple memes but since it was a couple ill just let you guys see for yourself with the “Are Memes Art” post that I created.

Along with these we also had a huge GIF project which we had to create a video kind of GIF showing a image that showed different color, shades, and movement while staying in one place and being the same photo.

This was the final results of the final GIF project which I did, you can also read about it in this blog I created “My First GIF Project” on my website page.

I also created a fun character along with a fun story to go along with the character. I will share the images here but you can also check out the post I created about “Red Paul Blogging Away” on my website page.

This was also a very fun assignment which I had so much fun creating a character and a storyline to go along with him.

Within this semester one of the biggest things which I have done was create my own website which was really exciting for me. I never thought that I can actually say I have my own website or yet along create my own. This website has been one way which I have express many life problems along with classwork all in one. Another project which I loved was the last project which we did and that was the Zine Project. Where we did this project along side another college BMCC, and it was very amazing to view both colleges come together and do one huge collaboration. You can view all the creative here from both classes here.  Also here is what I created for the Zine project which I believed was one of my best work because it hit a really soft spot for me. 

This project hit a soft spot for me because of the meaning of this image I created was a huge part within my life. The words on top basically explains it all, but to make things a little more clear. I was in a very dark moment within my life in the past which I was seeking for better not only for me but for the people around and the environment I was in. I was also seeking for change and as time went on that change was slowly coming to the light. I started to grow and develop into the person who I am today which is a beautiful flower. My growth is not at hundred percent yet but as time goes by I will continue to grow and excel. Therefore this project was very much fun and home touching all in one. I honestly loved it because I was able to express what I went through in my past within short simple words.

I completed so many great assignments this semester within my CT 101 class I wish I can share them all within this final blog post but sadly it will be too much, but you can read them all on my website if you are interested.

I learned a lot in this class and one of the most important aspects of this course that I will always take with me is that it is fine to be creative in your own way and come out of your shell and express yourself in which ever way is comfortable for you. With these skills that I have learned I will allow it to express the new creative person that I have become in this class and let the world see me for who I truly am even if it means coming out my shell and be different. I will definitely be keeping up with my website, I plan on doing so by posting about my feelings, thoughts, problems and happiness throughout each week on my page. This website has been a great way for me to be able to express myself in words rather than verbally which I love. It is sad to see my journey in CT 101 come to an end, but I did love this class truly one of my best in college so far and with the skills I have learned from my professor and classmate this semester I will always take with me in life. This is not the almost end for me because I will continue to blog away throughout my website indeed.

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