Four More Weeks To Go……..

As I write this post, the constant thought that this semester is coming down to it’s last four weeks mark. I was thinking about how the semester before I was told by students who has been here longer that the spring semester takes the longest to finish, but from my experience it is truly going by quickly. I honestly can not wait for it to be over. Why ? Because I have so much planned for this summer I am just getting more and more excited.

Even though I am overly excited for the semester to end, this semester has rather been interesting for me. I say this because, I came into college wanting to be a Psychology major, but after spending my first semester in a Psychology class, I kind of figured it was not for me after all. I then during this semester chose that I will become a CT major. After deciding that I have been rather happy. Due to the fact that my CT 101 professor has made this field very interesting for me. This makes me more excited to carry on within this field and see what else CT has to offer me further along the lines.

Overall I am having a nice week so far tomorrow is Wednesday which are my early days where I have a 9A.M class, but I like Wednesday’s because my weekend starts Wednesday’s after 2 lol. Hopefully next semester brings me the same days off where I can sleep in four days. Until next time my followers, and always remember, keep a bright smile on your face like the sun even on your worst days.

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  1. Hi, this post made me smile so I thought i’d leave a comment. I want to congratulate you on figuring out what you know you’ll enjoy studying, CT. It’s a big deal because not many people realized what their passion or at least their interest is as early as you did, especially me. It took me 2 years in college and 4 majors later, to figure out designing, coding, writing, ux, and sharing content online in general are my passions. And Lastly, since you’re a newly CT major, I just want to say Welcome to the Club, we’re happy to have you!

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