How is life so far ?

Life so far is going good but then again it is so stressful. When I say stressful I mean college. Why is college stressful you may ask ? Because these last two week is going to kick me in the back. Whereas next week is the final week of classes so I have to finish up all my work that need to be done. After that week is finals week and I have a bunch of essays and finals that I have to do and get prepared for. I am so not ready but hay it has to get done and I need to finish off strong because when it comes to school I do not play this degree and my career is so important to me so playin games and not doing school work is so not a option. But other than school, my life is going pretty well. My summer is coming and my vacations and trips are coming quicker and quicker and I can not wait. This summer like I said in a blog post before I will surly be enjoying.  I will be enjoying it with my boyfriend and his family and my family as well. I do not have friends so I will only be spending my time with my boyfriend and his family and mine. Those are he only people I care for and the only people that care for me. Friends are not my cup of tea for all friends bring you to you would be funny fake vibes and fake love and that is not the vibes I need in my life right now. Therefore my life is going great at this moment I am going to finish off this semester strongly and I will be enjoying my summer completely without any bad vibes just fun in the sun with love and laughter with my loved ones.

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