“Its May Guys”

Today I woke up feeling extra excited knowing that today is May 1st. Knowing that I have couple more weeks left of school and that my summer vacation is soon here just makes me so happy. This semester has been a lot for me, each day I had to really drag myself out of bed knowing that summer is soon here. The fall semester seem different because I really did not care or did it matter to me when it came to a end, but the spring semester is different because summer is the season of fun. Which makes it much more exciting, each day I check my phone hoping time will move faster and May 23 the last day of my finals will come already. I do not want to get too excited because then time will only slow down and we do not want that to happen. I am very happy today I really hope nothing messes with my mood. Come on May lets go June we are waiting for you, this is when my first trip begins……… I so can’t wait omg……………

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