My Week Ugh…..

Hello, It’s me again the past two weeks has been so relaxing and enjoying that I just have to share wit you guys what has been going on so far. Last week I had spring break, even though the week went by so fast I still had a great time enjoying my bed. Yes that’s right I said it enjoying my bed. Sleeping in day after day was so great, waking up late not having to worry about missing class or anything in such matter was the best. Along with waking up late I also enjoyed hanging out with my loved ones. Where we went shopping for our trips which we will be taking during the summer. Still have more shopping to do but getting ahead of things is always great. In fact we ate great that whole week, we ate out mostly every day, just spending our money on foolishness mostly.

The part of my break which made me smile was that before the break I took the time out to do all my work and all the assignments which I had to get down ahead of time so I won’t have to worry about it during my break or the day before classes. The only thing which I had on my mind coming down to the last days of my break, was the fact that when I do return to school I had to focus on which classes I will be taking next semester. Which is a big deal to me because this is then the time I have to decide what my major will be.

Therefore so far I had a really great break, I can not wait for summer to have fun and sleep even more and enjoy it to the fullest because I know after summer it will be back to work and even harder classes than before. Now I am ready to crack down on these last few weeks of school and finish off my second semester great. As of now Tuesday April 10th 2018, I am happy to be alive and wake up this morning and happy I made it to school lol. Short week for me this week so smiles are still on my face. With all that being said until next time guys. Stay safe and god bless, enjoy the rest of your week. Also always remember keep a bright smile always on your face like the sun even on your worst days.

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