Propaganda !

When I think of World War II propaganda poster, my all time favorite will be this one down below. Why ? Because it is a woman on the poster of course. I got this from

I like this one because it is a woman on the poster, and it always interest me due to the fact in those times things were different. Where a female had to stay home, take care of the children, cook, clean and make sure the house is held up just perfect for when her husband comes home. In fact men were the ones to only go out and work and be the breadwinner for his entire family. In fact these issues changed during World War II, due to the fact that the government needed more bodies for the war. Where instead of men being the only ones going out to fight, the field also started to include women as well.

This is why I like this post so very much because this is a time period where things were finally starting to change for women. They were no longer consider house hold mates only, where they were now doing things that was before only consider a job that a man can do. In fact women then started to prove if a man can do it so can them. This is where the terms come in “We Can┬áDo It” and in fact women can definitely do it, anything a man can do so can a woman do.

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