So Far What ?

So far this week I have been fixing up my website and trying to make it look like howI want it to look. This way when I come onto my website I can see what I want to see and what I want you guys to see as well. This way you guys can keep up with me as well as time goes on. I still want to do more to the main page but so far I am liking what I am seeing.

I also want to share that I am happy I made it to class today because so far this week has been very hard for me. This week made me honestly see how short life really is. This is why I woke up Thank God for life and made my way to class. I am blessed to be alive and blessed to be here today.

Next week is spring break and the rest is very much needed. This semester is almost over and let these last few week be the best ever. Due to the fact that this 2 month vacation is very much needed as well.

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