Today within my CT 101 class we started the Zine project, which is an on going project that will be combined with another CUNY college. Where the entire class will contribute a version of Photoshop pictures and work with a piece of writing connected to the pictures for meaning, or what may be important to students in any such way. For my choice I chose two flowers, and I also took from a flower the inside and colored the outside black. Where as you can see I have a yellow inside of a black hole for the first layer, the second layer you see white petals with some darkness around it and for the last layers its green leafs with yellow petals all over. The first layer represents, a time in my life where I was a happy soul that is what the yellow inside stands for, but my surroundings and life at that time was just a dark cloud over me. For the second layer it represents the time in my life where as time went on I was trying to out grow the darkness and get away from any kind of negativity. The last layer is there to show that after it all I blossom into this beautiful yellow flower that I knew I was always meant to become in life. I do not show the whole flower within the last layer due to the fact that growth is still needed in my life. Where as I am still growing and becoming who I want to truly be in life, but as far as the dark cloud, it no longer has any control over my life anymore. This project really meant a lot to me because it made me feel great that I can use photos such as these to represent what I been through and who I am now just in three layers and a couple sentences. I have much more growth to bring forth but so far I am truly a yellow beautiful flower distant for greatness in life.

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