Final Blog Post For CT 101 !!!!!!

As this semester comes to an end and I look back on this class it makes me really proud of myself. Not only was this class fun and a great learning experience, I loved the fact that i was able to express my thoughts, personally feelings and many other life problems or excitements within my blogs.

This takes me back to the very first assignment we had to do within the class which was create our own personal GIF, and the ons I created was a job well done for a first timer I will say.

These were the first four GIF that I ever had created in my CT 101 class. Let me tell you the process was not easy at all let me say that. But the outcome was stress free knowing that I tried my best and completed to the best that I could of.

After this we been had to create our own memes, which was not as hard as creating GIF but it was also a very fun assignment. Which I had loved doing along the process, I created a couple memes but since it was a couple ill just let you guys see for yourself with the “Are Memes Art” post that I created.

Along with these we also had a huge GIF project which we had to create a video kind of GIF showing a image that showed different color, shades, and movement while staying in one place and being the same photo.

This was the final results of the final GIF project which I did, you can also read about it in this blog I created “My First GIF Project” on my website page.

I also created a fun character along with a fun story to go along with the character. I will share the images here but you can also check out the post I created about “Red Paul Blogging Away” on my website page.

This was also a very fun assignment which I had so much fun creating a character and a storyline to go along with him.

Within this semester one of the biggest things which I have done was create my own website which was really exciting for me. I never thought that I can actually say I have my own website or yet along create my own. This website has been one way which I have express many life problems along with classwork all in one. Another project which I loved was the last project which we did and that was the Zine Project. Where we did this project along side another college BMCC, and it was very amazing to view both colleges come together and do one huge collaboration. You can view all the creative here from both classes here.  Also here is what I created for the Zine project which I believed was one of my best work because it hit a really soft spot for me. 

This project hit a soft spot for me because of the meaning of this image I created was a huge part within my life. The words on top basically explains it all, but to make things a little more clear. I was in a very dark moment within my life in the past which I was seeking for better not only for me but for the people around and the environment I was in. I was also seeking for change and as time went on that change was slowly coming to the light. I started to grow and develop into the person who I am today which is a beautiful flower. My growth is not at hundred percent yet but as time goes by I will continue to grow and excel. Therefore this project was very much fun and home touching all in one. I honestly loved it because I was able to express what I went through in my past within short simple words.

I completed so many great assignments this semester within my CT 101 class I wish I can share them all within this final blog post but sadly it will be too much, but you can read them all on my website if you are interested.

I learned a lot in this class and one of the most important aspects of this course that I will always take with me is that it is fine to be creative in your own way and come out of your shell and express yourself in which ever way is comfortable for you. With these skills that I have learned I will allow it to express the new creative person that I have become in this class and let the world see me for who I truly am even if it means coming out my shell and be different. I will definitely be keeping up with my website, I plan on doing so by posting about my feelings, thoughts, problems and happiness throughout each week on my page. This website has been a great way for me to be able to express myself in words rather than verbally which I love. It is sad to see my journey in CT 101 come to an end, but I did love this class truly one of my best in college so far and with the skills I have learned from my professor and classmate this semester I will always take with me in life. This is not the almost end for me because I will continue to blog away throughout my website indeed.

How is life so far ?

Life so far is going good but then again it is so stressful. When I say stressful I mean college. Why is college stressful you may ask ? Because these last two week is going to kick me in the back. Whereas next week is the final week of classes so I have to finish up all my work that need to be done. After that week is finals week and I have a bunch of essays and finals that I have to do and get prepared for. I am so not ready but hay it has to get done and I need to finish off strong because when it comes to school I do not play this degree and my career is so important to me so playin games and not doing school work is so not a option. But other than school, my life is going pretty well. My summer is coming and my vacations and trips are coming quicker and quicker and I can not wait. This summer like I said in a blog post before I will surly be enjoying.  I will be enjoying it with my boyfriend and his family and my family as well. I do not have friends so I will only be spending my time with my boyfriend and his family and mine. Those are he only people I care for and the only people that care for me. Friends are not my cup of tea for all friends bring you to you would be funny fake vibes and fake love and that is not the vibes I need in my life right now. Therefore my life is going great at this moment I am going to finish off this semester strongly and I will be enjoying my summer completely without any bad vibes just fun in the sun with love and laughter with my loved ones.

Finals Is Approaching………

As the last week of classes is coming next week, this only means that the week after will be finals. I am so not ready for these exams and essays that I have to do. As the days boil down the more tired and not in the mood for anything I become. I really want to finish off this semester strong but the amount of work that I have to do is killing me slowly as time goes on. Hopefully I get what I need to get done and finish off as strong as I want too. This semester was a quick one that went by fast but it was also a huge drag coming down to the ending. Ugh next week is slowly approaching and the week after that comes next so let me get ready for what I will have to do. Pray for m guys as I will be praying for myself and everyone else to finish strongly.

So Far What ?

So far this week I have been fixing up my website and trying to make it look like howI want it to look. This way when I come onto my website I can see what I want to see and what I want you guys to see as well. This way you guys can keep up with me as well as time goes on. I still want to do more to the main page but so far I am liking what I am seeing.

I also want to share that I am happy I made it to class today because so far this week has been very hard for me. This week made me honestly see how short life really is. This is why I woke up Thank God for life and made my way to class. I am blessed to be alive and blessed to be here today.

Next week is spring break and the rest is very much needed. This semester is almost over and let these last few week be the best ever. Due to the fact that this 2 month vacation is very much needed as well.

My First Post Ever In CT 101 !!!!!! (Exciting)

What Makes Me Happy ?

Hmm….What makes me happy is YouTube !! I just love the fact that if I need help with anything, and when I say anything I mean anything at all YouTube is my best friend. I remember when I was first going natural, like no perms or heat towards my hair the first place I turned to was YouTube videos. Not only did I get to see other’s stories about their natural journey but I also got so many tips handling natural hair. Even if I need help baking a caking, cooking a meal, fixing my nails, my eyebrows or anything in the world YouTube is my go to person ! I thank the founders and makers of YouTube, because due to these great videos I no longer have to worry about anything at all. I also no longer know what sleep is. Yes I stay up at 3 in the morning watching videos. They just make me happy.

Yes I’m The Queen Of YouTube Hair Tutorials !!!!

Not only do I love speaking about hair videos but let me share one with you.

This is one of my favorites, like just look at her hair ! Natural Hair/ Twist- Out Tutorial 

This is what makes me happy, YouTube is the best of the best.

Making My First GIF ! (OMG)

My First GIF

When my professor said that our CT 101 class will create our first GIF, I was excited yet scared at first. I could not believe we was actually going to create our own but yet I was scared with all these ideas running through my head. But even though it is my first and I will only get better looking back at the four that I created I was very proud of myself. Let me take you through my first four GIF ever !

This was the first GIF that I made. I felt just like this excited but yet have so much ides that is like an ocean full of ideas but not sure on what to do. The more I use these ideas the better I know I will get.

This was my second GIF, I was like yes girl you got this. One thing I have to learn is to have faith in myself and learn not to be disappointed in my work. Due to the fact that every mistake is a learning process for better.

This was my third try at GIF, I felt like a cold piece of ice. I had so many ideas still going through my head that I came to the point where I felt like my brain went ice cold, because I did not know what to do. But I then learned with all these ideas I can do what ever came to my mind and explore my great ideas.

This is my forth GIF ! Then finally I became as happy as this lady and this emoji. I realized that my ideas is only going to come together, and by exploring my ideas I am expressing my creative side. Even though it is going to take me some time to be good or even great, the learning process is what is going to be an amazing pathway. GIF is just an easy way to express your current mood or feeling within any situation in your life.

Highlights From My First GIFs !!!!

Highlights !!!

Creating some of my first GIF ever was pretty exciting. One highlight was that I was able to learn how to make it move when I post it. Even though I did not get it on my first try the fact that I was able to learn from my mistakes and ask for help while doing it was pretty great. Which goes to show nothing is ever perfect even things that are seen as “great” still needs to be worked on. Another highlight was the fact that I created not one but four GIFs on my first try which was pretty fun and awesome. The fact that I was able to create something from my brain and see it on big computer screens was double awesome, never knew I can do it. Even though I am still learning and have much more to work on I did have a favorite GIF that I loved which I made from my four. Let me share that favorite with you one more time.

Yayay Me !!!


The reason I loved this GIF is because her face expressions totally expresses how I felt about all my four GIFs after creating them. I was like girl yes, you got this. Also I just love Nicki so much her personality is so me lol.

Are Memes Art ?

Are Memes Art ? Let See……

Memes are art ! Why you may ask ? Because art is the ability to take something and be creative with it and make it your own.

Now look at this I took a picture from one of my favorite movies and added words and color to it and BOOM… Art was created. Art is being able to get creative and getting in touch with your inner creativity and make it fun along the way.

I took the same picture and changed the words and the color and now it has a totally different meaning. This is what we call art where you can take something and change the meaning and prospective of it and give it a new look. 

This meme I got from the internet is so funny to me because it is something like art. You can start with one boring picture and create 100 creative memes out of it just by being creative and making it your own. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome isn’t it !

“Project To Think About….”

The two media project ideas that I am thinking about doing will be animated gifs and visual

The reasons why I chose these two is because I learned how to create gifs in class in my second week and by doing the animated gifs this can be taking my ability of making gifs, to the next level which would be really cool and fun. The reason why I chose the second one is because visual will be new to me and visual is something I am interested in learning how to do. For these two projects I think I will need to learned to take my creation to another level in order for it to come out original and good. With visual I will need to learn to play around with pictures and analyze it to tell a story,  and main purpsoe of the picture. With the animated gifs I will like to get creative and better at what I actual put on the screen. Also get more in dept with the stories I tell behind these animated gifs same as the visual.

Within this semester I think I would need to do two of these projects in order to get better at the first and much more better than the last. In order to be good and actual learn something where it can be done by me in the future on my own I strongly think two of these projects is fair enough appropriate amount to do.

These skills will be important because not only will it be useful for my needs in the future, but if I want to continue with these studies or still continue doing storytelling on this site, my skill can then be applied. Also if someone needs help I can be assistants to them which can make their job easy and much more smooth. Also these skills can go on into my future where I can even become a “pro” if I keep up the work and practicing. Therefore the skills and value of work that is learned in these course don’t just stop here it can go further than just CT 101 in fact beyond that.

My First GIF Project !

How was it ?

Creating this first GIF project, was very different. When I say different I mean it was so many steps which I had to pay attention to in order not to miss anything. My professor and classmates helped me out through the process a lot. If it was not for them, I still would of been stock on step one lol. Even though it was a lot to take in it was so fun along the way because the new things that I am learning already is making me happy with myself. Even though this class is a learning process and it is causing me to come out of my boring box and be creative I am pretty happy with how I am developing through out these weeks so far. Therefore with nothing else to come to mind let me share with you my first GIF project. The results is not perfect but I am happy with it, I tried and did not give up along the way.

Go Me….